The Reactor de creație și experiment association was established in January 2014, and currently, the team has about twenty artists and theater artists specialized in directing, dramaturgy, scenography and acting, most of them graduates of the Faculty of Theater and Film in Cluj-Napoca.

The objectives of the association are the support of emerging artists, the promotion of contemporary Romanian drama, but also the development of the audience and the offering of cultural programs addressed to different categories of the public. The Reactor Association of Creation and Experiment manages the independent space with the same name opened in March 2014 in Cluj-Napoca. To date, the Reactor Association has implemented over 30 projects with non-refundable funds, the most important of which are: five editions of Fresh Start – the creative residency dedicated to graduates of vocational faculties, seven editions Drama 5 – the dramatic writing residency, three editions Teen Spirit – the platform dedicated to the adolescent audience, as well as numerous projects that aim to document important events and topics from Romanian history and social context current.

In addition to the production of theater performances, Reactor tries to create as direct a connection as possible with the communities it addresses, that's why the projects always include related activities: professional training workshops, theater workshops for children and adults, cultural management workshops , audience discussions after performances and media sessions cultural era.

Founded in 2009, the Váróterem Projekt Association is the operator of the independent theater troupe of the same name and its main activity is the production of theater performances. In most cases, these performances focus on a phenomenon or a problem encountered in today's society, namely on the desire to renew the theatrical language by creating its own, contemporary and typical style of the association.

The members of the Váróterem Projekt Association consider that artistic production must, in order to remain relevant and alive, have indisputable connections with everyday life, and in order to be able to create a productive dialogue between the different characters and communities in society, it needs to step out of its comfort zone, which is full of cliches and lacks the will to formulate relevant questions. Artistic, or, in this case, theatrical creation, is an appropriate instrument to facilitate this type of dialogues.

Since its foundation, the Váróterem Projekt Association has produced 29 theatre performances and an online interactive video installation. In addition, it also has seven shows for children, based on adaptations of the mandatory school curricula, which are performed in schools. Their performances have been invited to 75 festivals in Romania and abroad and have participated in 55 tours.

With different backgrounds and experiences in the fields of theater and film, Para Film & Teater, creates performances and films from unique roles in production and facilitates dialogue. They have several years of experience as directors and producers both for Para and other producers.

Para works as a research institute in the field of socio-political art and cooperates with international and national partners. So far, they have produced five short films, more plays and two feature films. Their songs "Me?" and “Man. Me?" has toured for more than 300 shows. Through art and with art as an arena, they want to shine a light and debate power and power structures. Human trafficking, violence, climate, extremism and human rights violations are themes among their artworks.

The concept of "Theatre Dialogue" expands on the encounter between the audience and the stage. Under the umbrella of social political art, Theater Dialogue challenges the themes and the audience-stage relationship itself and builds a larger room for reflection. Through the method of through Para's work and the development of theater pieces, they wish to continue to explore what Theater Dialogue is and can be. Para's aim is to create unique encounters between audience and artist that activate and challenge both form, dialogue and exchange. The themes of the show establish the premises of artistic expression and want to invite more questions without concrete answers. For each new production, they try to establish new collaborations and partners who can bring other perspectives on the given theme or form.

In the two years of its existence, Para Film and Theater AS produced 3 theater performances, a feature film and 3 short films. The shows "I" and "Mann. And?" are created following a documentation of violence and its impact on women, respectively how it is felt in the lives of men. The show "Mann. And?" it also has a cinematic version, made during the pandemic, so that the show can be watched online. Through the performance "The Ugly Duckling", the company created an experience - a hybrid between theater for adults and theater for children, a participatory event, where the events and the ending are decided by the involvement of the audience and which is based on the participation of people of different ages.